December 1, 2016

ReMAP Visualizer™

ReMAP Visualizer™ – helps companies engage their customers through placement and visualization of products in their homes through augmented reality and mobile devices


  • Enable customers to choose specific scenes for modifications
  • Preselected areas in Kitchens, Baths, Office, Living, Family rooms
  • Specific sections (Cabinets, Countertops, Bathtubs etc) to be modified
  • Accessory additions (such as knobs, handles) from a selection
  • Setup your selection of patterns/colors/accessories
  • Save designs in a library (organization/user specific) and set privacy levels
  • Library of publicly available designs for reference
  • Use own photo as the base scene
  • Add items from a product catalog into a scene
  • APIs to connect to your product catalog (native or from ReMAP Catalog)
  • Edit items placed in a scene for proportionality
  • Auto detect contours of common areas for user assisted changes
  • Use cases for Sales rep driven or optional end-consumer experience


Powerful engagement with customers to visualize desired products, instant credibility, enhanced conversions