December 1, 2016

ReMAP Pricer & Product Configurator™

ReMAP Pricer & Product Configurator™ – assists field sales in dynamic configuration of product bundles and options and prices the project


  • Lead lookup
  • Delightful customer experience through multimedia presentations
  • Assisted selling through multi level and visual step-by-step product configuration
  • APIs into complex, organized representation of multi-level product catalogs
  • Ability to revise orders and keep track of request/approval workflow
  • Ability to mine data, conduct surveys and re-engage customers
  • Integration into a Product Advisor (questionnaire driven rules based product recommendation engine)
  • Digitization of all sales paperwork, automatic, e-contracts
  • Integration into visualization of product into standard layouts of a scene (ex: L shaped, U shaped, Island kitchen)
  • Integration into visualization of product placement into custom scenes of customer’s own home
  • Connectivity to multiple catalogs of different products through the same interface


Better conversions, Higher Selling Prices, Better Sales rep retention