December 1, 2016

ReMAP Foreign Trade Zone Management (FTZSoft)™

ReMAP Foreign Trade Zone Management (FTZSoft)™ – manages the flow of imports into the US through various foreign trade zones. Check for additional information


  • The FTZ processing flow primarily involves receipt of materials, preparation of documents for filing, review and transmission of filings to CBP (Customs and Border Patrol)
  • Withdrawls, Reconciliation and Reports – withdrawls for a given product to a domestic destination, accounted for, inventories reconciled and reports reviewed before the filing .
  • Setup involving partmaster, historical data and other master data for a specific customer/account.
  • Certain types of master data (HTC codes) periodically updated as well as new warehouse locations, FTZs etc .
  • Various types of analytics such as how many transactions were filed which day for which account, which ports the goods came through, status of pending admissions etc.


Benefits from the Government  – Duty deferrals, exemptions through the set up and value added operations conducted in foreign trade zones.

Operational Efficiencies – Streamline and automate paperwork processing through transactions processed through a cloud based platform; Scale your operations effectively through our knowledgable resources

Community economic impact – Enable job creation in cities and communities where you operate and gain positive PR