December 3, 2016

ReMAP Labor Scheduling™

ReMAP Labor Scheduling™ – facilitates the scheduling of crews to perform installations based on calendar availabilities and job requirements 


  • Crew availability calendars by location
  • Installer portal that shows jobs pending
  • Auto, real time notifications to ordering locations
  • On demand dashboard of jobs by status, by market, by product etc
  • Job flow management and tracking of a job through its life from sales to credit to measure to material order generation to install order to receiving to installation complete
  • Integrated workflow between branch office, field sales, measure techs, material vendors and install vendors
  • Job order revisions, notes and request-approval workflows
  • Document management – ability to capture and store docs, diagrams etc
  • Separate Material vendor and Install vendor Portals
  • Tracking of of material orders to receipt by vendors, and status of material production, shipments, delivery and installation
  • Full end-to-end real time visibility of all job information
  • Reporting to see backlog of jobs by units and by dollars
  • Project Planning and Management workflow


Workflow efficiencies, Full visibility to jobs, Margin reviews