April 20, 2013


ReMAP:AMS is an Analytics and Reporting module which allows the business to look at the health of the business across various functions – leads, sales, installs across multiple dimensions – product, geography and time frame, dynamically through a web based interface, perform ad-hoc analytics as well as define and track key performance metrics for daily operational decision making.

Current feature list

 -Complete end-to-end visibility to all business metrics
 -Web based presentation of business dashboards and analytics
 -Dynamic reports and charts by market, by product, by function, by timeframe
 -Integrated data warehouse model to provide end-to-end visibility
 -Mobile and tablet capable

Planned/Future feature list

 -Extension of the Analytics platform across the entire business
 -Expansion to provide financial insights
 -AI driven insights into topline and bottomline opportunities.

Value– One View of the truth across the business, Faster decisions