December 1, 2016

ReMAP Predictive Analytics™

ReMAP Predictive Analytics™ – provides insights into quantitative measurement of value of a lead, customer, channel etc.


  • Modeling of the probability of conversion of a lead into a customer through a quantitative estimate of conversion
  • Prioritized handling of customers in queue based on probability of conversion
  • Web presentation of business dashboards and analytics
  • Ad-hoc analytics capability
  • Definition and tracking of key performance metrics for daily operational decision making.
  • Dynamic reports and charts by market, by product, by function, by timeframe
  • Integrated data warehouse model to provide end-to-end visibility
  • Mobile and tablet capable
  • Extension of the Analytics platform to external data sources
  • Expansion to provide financial insights
  • AI driven insights into top line and bottom line opportunities.


 Maximization of conversion factors and sales