April 20, 2013

Services Summary

Digital Marketing Services

Maximize the power of your web presence.

  • Establish, Enhance & Evaluate your web presence & brand
  • Leverage social media (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Generate leads & appointments online
  • Define and Establish an Ecommerce strategy
  • Conduct Online campaigns
  • Analyze returns and adjust marketing strategy
  • Perform web analytics

E Business Services

  • Organize, Automate and Standardize your forms – whether it is related to sales process, installation process or back office functions
  • Take advantage of web‐forms, electronic data interchange , and payment methodologies
  • Reduce paper clutter, go green!

Integration Services 

  • Integrate our ReMAP platform with your back end infrastructure such as Financials, HR, Payroll etc
  • Establish seamless workflows with commonly used  products such as Quickbooks, Siebel, Sage etc.
  • Develop interfaces with other in-house solutions

Business Management Services 

  • Define strategies for growth and efficiency
  • Implement the PLAN‐RUN‐CHECK™ construct that integrates the Planning, Execution and Analysis of the various activities related to successful sales and operations
  • Ability to configure/’purpose‐build’ a solution with parameters specific to the remodeling business – products, markets and resources, yet take advantage of pre‐built templates and solution infrastructure
  • Single, simple interface for Remodeling business owners, sales managers, installation managers and administrative staff

Channel Management Services

  • Manage your dealer network if you have multiple locations/dealers
  • Manage your franchisees on a national level, if you are a franchise
  • Manage your specific business if you are a franchisee
  • Manage your big‐box relationship
  • Manage your subcontractor network and track the activities of your subs in a hub‐and‐spoke scenario

Custom Solutions 

  • Tailor the pre‐built tools, templates and software to suit your specific needs and conditions.
  • Configure solution to fit your environment
  • Extend and Enhance the solutions with customized modules to complement the base platform

IT Extension and Support Services 

  • No need to hire in‐house IT resources
  • Our solutions are made available on a subscription basis (Software‐as‐a‐Service)
  • In addition, our IT resources are available and can act as a ‘virtual’ extension of your business to enhance and support your solutions
  • The resources will be available to you to accommodate your specific needs