December 1, 2016


ReMAP BUILD establishes a company’s digital infrastructure through the setup of the various products and services online, master data parameters and the ability to conduct campaigns and commerce online.

ReMAP BUILD™ -, helps set up a business’s digital infrastructure and consists of the following modules

ReMAP Master Data Management ™ – assembles all the master data for the enterprise – products, regions, locations, users, roles and permissions in a common data model

ReMAP Digital Presence ™ – establishes the company’s presence on the web

ReMAP Catalog™ – consolidates all the various product and services offerings in a configurable 5 level taxonomy, costs, prices, and a portal for the supplier ecosystem

ReMAP Campaign Management™ – helps organize multimedia content and manage the digital campaigns for the company across social, email and other networks and channels

ReMAP Product Advisor™ – helps companies engage with their customers in the digital age through a step-by-step, guided recommendation engine

ReMAP Visualizer™ – helps companies engage their customers through placement and visualization of products in their homes through augmented reality and mobile platforms

ReMAP Designer™ – helps companies design projects by replacing existing fixed layers with new colors, patterns etc

ReMAP EComm™ – enables companies to define and configure an online store, sell online, get paid online and fulfill through 3rd party fulfillment engines such as AFS