December 1, 2016


ReMAP OPERATE, covers all aspects of operations  involving  – Lead acquisition, Lead Management, Sales Presentation , Pricing and Consultative selling of services and Fulfillment involving procurement of Materials and Labor to complete projects. It addresses entire business operational workflows. Typical use cases involve Home Remodeling, Construction, and Telecommunication/Home Theater installations which involve the material purchase, installation labor scheduling and project coordination.

ReMAP OPERATE™ – helps a business manage its operations and constitutes the following components

ReMAP Lead Management (LMS)™ – manages flow of leads from different channels through a scripted call center solution (including 3rd party dialer APIs), to qualify leads, set up appointments etc

ReMAP Sales Management (SMS)™ – helps manage a field sales force and their calendars, by assigning leads to them for field presentation, pricing and selling of projects

ReMAP Pricer & Product Configurator™ – assists field sales in dynamic configuration of product bundles and options and prices the project

ReMAP Fulfillment Management (FMS)™ – assists office administrators track the flow of orders to material suppliers and labor

ReMAP Foreign Trade Zone Management (FTZSoft)™ – manages the flow of imports into the US through various foreign trade zones